Re: Problem with xine playing AVI files

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On 4/25/07, michiel <[email protected]> wrote:
> When playing an AVI file with xine, I get the following problem:
> xine: found input plugin  : file input plugin
> failed to read 8 bytes at pos 732637184
> xine: found demuxer plugin: AVI/RIFF demux plugin
> video_decoder: no plugin available to handle 'XviD'
> However, I do have installed the following packages:
> Installed Packages
> xine.i386                                0.99.4-10.lvn6         installed
> xine-lib.i386                            1.1.6-1.fc6            installed
> xine-lib-extras.i386                     1.1.6-1.fc6            installed
> xine-lib-extras-nonfree.i386             1.1.6-1.lvn6           installed
> xvidcore-1.1.2-2.lvn6
> Any ideas?
Same over here with the latest vlc from livna. Looks like freshrpms & livna have probs. I was used to vlc playing nearly
everything I throw at it.
I removed as many packages as I could from Livna. Afterwards, I
deactivated the Livna repository and replaced the removed Livna
packages with Freshrpms ones. Now everything seems to be working fine.
From my experience, Livna has problems much more frequently than


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