Re: removed FC version of OOo FC put it back

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On Monday 09 April 2007, Mamoru Tasaka wrote:
> [email protected] wrote:
> > I removed the FC version of OOo and installed the
> > newest version from OOo. Later FC again installed the
> > FC version of OOo why did that happen?
> This is because Fedora OOo rpms have _EPOCH_.
> If you want want keep Fedora OOo rpms excluded, you have
> to do so explicitly by "yum --exclude=openoffice\*", for
> example.
> Mamoru

I got the exclude thing taken care of for 
FC6 yum won't downgrade it again.

What is EPOCH?  Also why would autoupdate downgrade an 
installed package?

If the word following begins with 
a vowel, the word you want is...
to read the rest of this, go here

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