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bill perkins wrote:
bill perkins wrote:
OMG, I thought I had written and sent this!

WARNING: EXPLICIT!! Don't read if you are in great need of sleep! You have been warned! 8-)
Since I can't be there in person, here is what I would wish for us
this morning:
You come home, and find me apparently asleep in your bed, under the
covers. You look closely, and see that I am naked. You quietly and
quickly get out of your clothes, and slip under the covers with me.
Stretching out beside me, you put one hand on my cheek, and kiss the
other one. I slip my arm around your shoulders, and hold you close,
nuzzling your ear. My other arm goes low across your back, and my
place my hand firmly on your hip, and pull you a little closer. You
kiss me a few more times, and I start to respond with more kisses... I
feel your warm, soft breasts pressed up against my chest, your nipples
getting hard... my hands run up and down your back, your hips, your
shoulders, your skin is silky soft under my hands... warm and SO
nice... I feel your thighs rubbing against mine, soft, warm... I can
feel the muscles in your legs, strong and smooth and sexy...
encouraging me, teasing me... our kisses are starting to wander at
this point... your neck, my shoulder, your shoulder... our hands are
exploring and teasing and massaging... I kiss across to your other
shoulder as we shift positions to get better access to each other...
you move my face down between your tits, I kiss and lick... you shift
me over to one side, and I kiss and suck on your nipples, swirling my
tongue over them... first one, then the other, then back again... our
hands are everywhere now, long, sensuous caresses, arousing and
enticing each other to more passionate kisses and caresses...
HOLY SH*T!!!! I am truly sorry- I am leaving this list, this is TOO embarrasing!!!!! Good bye!
Oh... My... GOD!!! That is the FUNNIEST thing I've seen on the Fedora
list, maybe any list, EVER!
Holy crap, I laughed so hard tears were flowing!

Thanks for the giggle, it is MUCH appreciated!


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