Re: How to play an audio CD?

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On 23/03/07, Anne Wilson wrote:
There is the problem, then.  I can set the device, but it has a Directory
setting of /mnt/cdrom.  This doesn't exist, of course, and since audio disks
are not mounted, there is no /media entry either.  What do you have in that
In Audacious, Audio CDs are accessed via the device you enter. Menu >
Playback > Play CD  or  Playlist > Add > Add CD

The mount point can be used to for data cds which contain audio files.
I think xmms used it to detect when the user wants to play an audio

It's a gnome app, of course, and I'm using kde.  It's just possible that this
isn't properly working with kde.  Pity, as aging eyes could use the help :-)
It uses GTK+ 2 aka GTK2, which doesn't turn it into a gnome app. ;)

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