Re: Ubuntu 1, Fedora 0

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On Tue, 20 Mar 2007, Scott van Looy wrote:

On Mar 21 Res did spake thusly:

I have only one fedora box left, its an FC1, and it'll be ubuntu or slackware soon depending on how F7 turns out, I moved all my other desktops to slackware recently (since I only use slackware on servers as of RH9 EOL).
As this is a list for users of fedora, does that mean you might shut up when
you've upgraded it? :)
I don't know if I would call installing Slackware an "upgrade". I dumped
Slackware back in 1996. I looked at it last year and it had not changed a
whole lot since 1996.
Yes, I am old.

"Invoking the supernatural can explain anything, and hence explains nothing."
                  - University of Utah bioengineering professor Gregory Clark

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