Re: Gnome vs. KDE question.

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Robin Laing wrote:
No, this is not a flame war.

I have been using Gnome since I started using X-Windows and find it is dumbing down to much like Windows and taking the tools and controls away from me. I have spent weeks looking for the disk mounting tool to find that I have to do it the Windows way from My Computer, oops, I mean computer.
As I have some applications that are Gnome based that I like, I want to
know if they will run in Fedora running KDE instead of Gnome. I run KDE
apps in Gnome so just wanting to make sure.
Yes. Applications in GNOME in general will run on KDE and vice versa as
long as you have the relevant libraries installed. They are some
exceptions like applets in either of these desktop environments which
wont work on the other.

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