Re: I don't want a keyring password

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Ed Greshko wrote:
> jdow wrote:
>> Of course not. It never did. An encrypted key ring is safe from "root".
>> An unencrypted key ring is open to root. So if you get root kitted your
>> passwords are dead.
>> And only the mentally deficient always run as root.
> Reminds me of a co-worker of years ago, Doug, who was astonished and
> pleased that every time he installed a Solaris system an account was
> created for him without any special action on his part.  Right, "Doug
> Root".
> BTW, does your assessment include folks whose computer is totally
> isolated from any network?
I have not noticed that a network connection, or lack there of, has
any affect on typing errors, or other goofs that can mess up a system.


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