Re: How to convert ogg files to mp3

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On 14/02/07, Robin Laing <[email protected]> wrote:
On this point I add that I hate both formats because of the lossy
nature.  I rip CD's to flac and then convert as required for my mp3
player which does support ogg.

My wife cannot notice the difference, even with good headphones on and I
cringe at most mp3 music.  My biggest problem is "Stairway to Heaven"  I
have yet to get a good ogg or mp3 version of this song.  Same with many
live recordings.

Yes, Stairway and the Battle of Evermore I had to rerip at 320 bps to
get rid of an echo in both songs. The rest of my collection is 256,
with a few exceptions. I don't really like live recordings, so I
haven't tried those.

If you're already ripping to flac, are you listening to them as flac?
I know that mplayer will play flacs.

Dotan Cohen

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