wifi/bcw43xx/ softmac Assert failure/ crashing

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A few weeks ago my wifi went flaky.  I didn't need it at the time so I
started using a cable connection.  About a week ago I wanted wireless
again, so I decided to uninstall bcw43xx and install ndiswrapper.

To uninstall bcw43xx, I removed disabled the device in
system-config-networking and then removed bc243xx with rpm -3.   I also
did an rmmod.

Then I downloaded ndiswrapper and built it and did a make install.

Thats as far as I got.

I did not set up the wireless device in system-config-network. 

Anyway, now lately my computer is freezing.  If I do an alt-del-f6 and
bring up a text terminal, I see the following:

Printk: 19 messages suppressed.
SoftMAC: Assertion Failed(0) at:

How do I fix this ?

It appears that bcw43xx isn't uninstalled. 


Kim Lux,  Diesel Research Inc.

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