Re: Inconsistent behaviour of menus

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From: Alexander Volovics <[email protected]>

If you click on 'Applications', 'Places' or 'System' on the panel
you can, seemingly at random, get:

- the full menu
- a truncated menu with scroll arrows

The same goes when clicking on the menu entries.

I find this behaviour irritating and would very much like to
get the full menu every time.

Does anybody know why this happens and if it is possible to configure this somewhere?
Hi Alexander,

This an age old bug/feature of Gnome. It occurs when there is a program update or software install that adds or repopulates the Gnome menus. If you don't run Gnome while getting updates or log out and in (of Gnome) after getting updates or installing programs that add menu entries, your menus should refresh without scrolling.

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