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On Mon, 2007-01-29 at 08:44 +0400, Rakhesh Sasidharan wrote:
> Hi there,
> I'm trying to install Fedora Core 6 to an HP Compaq something machine
> (don't remm the exact model etc, it was a friend's machine) and I get
> the following error: "isolinux: disk error 04, AX=4280, drive 9F".
> I insert the first install CD, it shows me the menu where I can choose
> options, I press ENTER, I get the message that says "loading linux",
> then "loading initrd", followed by a bunch of dots, and then the whole
> thing just waits for upto a minute. Finally I get the error message
> above.
> I know the CDs are fine coz I've used them to install FC6 on a bunch
> of other machines. And I know the CD drive of the machine in question
> too is fine coz I have installed other Linuces on it. Maybe its
> something to do with the interaction between the FC CD and this
> particular CD drive ... dunno.
> I'm too lazy to take out the CD drive and try with another one. So I
> am wondering if I can install FC6 from a floppy (that machine has a
> floppy drive). The install docs don't talk about installing from
> floppies ... is that still possible, or do I have to boot through USB?
> I wonder why I am getting this error though ... strange.
> Thanks in advance for any thoughts/ suggestions ...
> Regards,
> Rakhesh

Namaskar Rakhesh! I would betcha that since it's a Compac it just might
have the ole virus protection turned on in the bios or something very
similar to that. Has the drive access got a password?  If so, remove it.
Anything set up to thwart hackers needs to be off as YOU are now hacking
the machine by trying to install Linux ... which is a very popular virus
nowadays, according to M$. BTW, my Yoga name is Rakesh, without the "H",
is that correctly spelled? Ric (Rakesh) Now everyone knows! :)   

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