Laptop suspend / hibernate wake up problem with disk.

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I have an IBM X31 laptop which works very well with FC6, but I have issues with the suspend and hibernate wake up. Which ever method and combination I use I always seem to fail with the same problem. When waking the laptop the system seems to start OK and work fine and then after about 30 seconds (variable) the disk light lights permanently and the system stops responding. This is happening with Gnome and KDE. I am sure that the disk is being accessed because I did a test (not advisable) of pulling the hard disk out, when the disk is out the system starts to work again (well up until an apps needs to read or write to disk!). I don't know what the system is doing at this time as I can't use the keyboard when the disk is busy and I can't gain access via ssh.
Any clues?

Many thanks,


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