Re: Automount ThumbDrives in fc6

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> Mikkel L. Ellertson wrote:
> > Jim Cornette wrote:
> >> Reg Clemens wrote:
> >>> I know this has been discussed previously, so if someone can point me
> >>> back
> >>> at that discussion (or summarize what was there) I would appreciate it.
> >>>
> >>> But, How does one go about getting thumbdrives automounted under fc6?
> >>> I seem to remember something about labeling the (vfat) file system with
> >>> a label utility under windows, but thats all I remember.
> >>>
> >>> I am moving all my users to fc6, and suddenly its important.
> >> All I had to do to get the drives to mount with a name was to label the
> >> thumb drives under windows. The volume name was mounted automatically
> >> under /media/volume-name. Similarly, labeling the ext3 using e2label
> >> allowed the ext3 volume to show up under /media/volume-label.
> >>
> >> Jim
> >>
> > I don't have any unlabeled drives handy to double check, but an
> > unlabeled drive should get mounted on /media/removable. At least it
> > used to work that way. It is also possible to turn off auto-mounting
> > of removable media...
> > 
> > Mikkel
> Small correction - I found an unlabeled drive, and it mounts as
> /media/disk, not /media/removable. The desktop icon has a label with
> the size of the drive.

Ill try that when I get into the office where I can label the thumbdrive

>From what you are saying [ ... desktop icon ... ] it sound like this is a 
feature of the Desktop (Gnome) and not of the OS.  
In particular, Im currently running TWM on this machine and plugging
in the thumdrive does nothing.  no mount.  It used to mount under /media
with the name of the drive manufacturer...  
Ill try gnome after I finish reading mail.
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