Re: /bin/sh: ro: No such file or directory Kernel panic - not syncing; Attempted to kill init

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Filip Tsachev wrote:
Hello everyone,
Unfortunately I have a big problem with FC6 as you can see in the topic... It's 100% reproducible at my box. What I've done was - install FC6, then I installed with yum kmod-nvidia - which required newer kernel package as well. Reboot. Then I receive this *very* fatal error. I can't boot even with the older kernel. I find it strange.. how can this happed... I googled all over the web without feeling lucky. Any idea or suggestion would be really appreciated. Screenshot:

Since /bin/sh is part of bash and should be available if your / volume
is mounted, it appears that your / system is not being mounted.
Have you tried to boot into rescue mode with the first install medium
disc for Fedora?
Not much help  I know.

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