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I saw a bug report where you had problem with WPC11 card where a
strange hardware address showed up when ifconfig issued (wifi0
00-00-00...) As the report said I blacklisted the hostap_cs and
orinoco_cs, I am now using aironet 350 card and I also have the same
problem. Did u find a solution for it? The bug report does not give
any solution for it. Thanks


On 12/1/06, Lonni J Friedman <[email protected]> wrote:
No, the difference is that you're attacking others for not helpking
the guy when you clearly don't understand the scope of what you're
asking them to do.  'the guy' asked a vague, cryptic question,
followed by completely ignorant questions.  The fact that he got any
response at all is quite amazing.

On 12/1/06, bruce <[email protected]> wrote:
> lonni...
> the difference being.. i'm defending the guy.. as opposed to slamming him, or replying with a sarcastic retort...
> peace
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> Subject: Re: Linksys PCMCIA Linux Driver
> seeing as how you don't seem to have the answer either...
> pot, kettle, black.
> On 12/1/06, bruce <[email protected]> wrote:
> > hey guys...
> >
> > the original poster was/is simply trying to get his damm wireless to work.
> > in my opinion, not a really difficult question to ask. if you want
> > linux/fedora to really grow, you have to expect that there will be questions
> > that you as the person replying might consider to to be really basic..
> >
> > so get off your horse and help with complete answers if you have them, or
> > don't. but unless you know for a fact that the person submitting the request
> > has a habit of expecting to be spoonfed simple answers, give him a break.
> >
> > last i checked, the purpose of the email list was/is supposed to be for
> > helping, not for slamming..
> >
> > the fact is, setting up a wireless connection on fedora/linux isn't just
> > plug/play. in fact, if you don't know what you're doing, you can easily get
> > lost.
> >
> > so, i'm sure the guy was/is looking for detailed instructions on how to get
> > his connection working. if anyone has this kind of information, i'm sure he
> > would appreciate it. but a one or two word answer, or a sarcastic comment
> > isn't going to help him...
> >

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