Re: Problems with psnup

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On Mon November 27 2006 9:01 am, Joe Smith wrote:
> [email protected] wrote:
> > I'm trying to use psnup to print two pages on a single sheet. The source 
> > pastscript file pages are already formatted 8.5 inches High by 5.5 inches 
> > Wide. I want to print these on to a 8.5 High 11 Wide page. 
> > ...
> I think you have to use pstops (NOT ps2ps) for this. Psnup always wants 
> to scale/rotate the pages.
> If you thought 'psnup' was hard to follow, wait 'til you try this ;-)
> Here's the syntax that worked for me:
> # example: combine two statement pages (5.5 x 8.5”)
> # on one landscape/letter page
> #
> pstops -pletter '2:0L(8.5in,0)+1L(8.5in,5.5in)'
> Note that this may not work with every application, depending on exactly 
> how they construct their output PostScript. E.g some apps may change the 
> coordinate system, so that pstops has to be told to adjust the rotation.
> There's a lot of helpful information here as well:
> <Joe

Thanks much for the reply. That doing the trick fairly well. It messes up the 
margins on the first page for some reason, but I can get around that. 

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