Re: Can't bring up Fedora Core 6

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Aaron Konstam wrote:
> On Fri, 2006-11-24 at 13:27 -0800, Ivan Kronkvist wrote:
>> I cannot get it up. It never gets past the spot where
>> disk quotas have been enabled. I wanted to follow the
>> instructions on how to remove the rhgb and quiet and
>> add 3 to the kernel options but I don't know how to do
>> it.
> The instructions below are pretty clear except if you have hidenmenu
> enabled in grub.conf (the default) there is an intital step that you
> need to hit return when you get the first single grub boot line to get
> to the display where you can hit a, etc.

I'll agree that the instructions are straightforward - except that they
leave out the step where I have to reinstall Fedora so I can start
following the instructions. While I may end up doing that, I'd like to
hve *SOME* hope of bringing Fedora up before I start. I don't see any in
those instructions.

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