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I want to have a dual head display and succeeded in configuring
xorg.conf for that purpose with xinerama option.

Now I have a few questions on how to refine the setup:

1- Is it possible to have an automatic switch for xinerama if I use only
one monitor; ie. One monitor is switched on and I have only this monitor
working (the mouse is not exploring the second monitor --- which is
switched off! --- when I cross the right edge of my current monitor!)

I know how to do this with a script in rc.local file and an option in
grub but is there a more clever way to do this?

2- How to get the window of an application be opened on the monitor
which has the mouse focus? here it is quite confused: firefox, galeon do
the right thing if I call them while the mouse is in monitor 2, for
instance, they open in this monitor, but emacs and xv open always in
monitor one. If thunderbird is opened in monitor 1, when I want to write
a mail, the new window is opened on monitor 2....

Thanks for help.
- --
François Patte
UFR de mathématiques et informatique
Université René Descartes
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