Re: giving a normal user rights to use negative nice values

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On 11/16/06, Chris Jones <[email protected]> wrote:
> So thats my reasoning.... Maybe my idea is flawed ?

Actually, I've just tried renicing compiz (and Xorg) to -19 as root for the
user in question, and it doesn't actually work that well. Its much more
useful to renice the cpu intensive processes to +19.
I had a similar problem with compiz and beryl.  I downloaded a tool
called schedtool that alows the root user to change the schetuler for
applicatios as well as their nice value. By doing this:

schedtool -R -p 1 -n -3 `pgrep Xorg`

I have changed xorg to use the realtime process sceduler and have it
runnnig at a nice value of -3

It has sorted out compiz and beryl for me.

if you are using gdm you can place the command in the
/etc/gdm/PostLogin/Default script, make it executable and gdm will run
the comand for you every time yo login...

I got schedtool from here.


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