Re: giving a normal user rights to use negative nice values

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>          Surely this is not intended? I mean the system has priority
> because it needs it?
>     You could of course do it with sudo. The following in /etc/sudoers
> murray   ALL = NOPASSWD:/bin/nice
> allows me to do
> > sudo nice --adjustment=-10 ls
>   Does that do what you need?
>         Bill

Maybe I should expand a little, as perhaps what I want can be solved in a 
different way.

I'm running compiz. It works very well, but I have noticed that under heavy 
load, such as whilst I am "making" something, the desktop gets rather 

I have also noticed if I run make (or whatever else takes a lot of cpu) with 
low priority (i.e. "nice -10 make") the system remains fully responsive.

So, I was thinking, instead of running everything else with a positive nice 
value, which is difficult to arrange, why not run compiz with a negative 
one ....

So thats my reasoning.... Maybe my idea is flawed ?

cheers Chris

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