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On Thu, Sep 07, 2006 at 21:48:57 -0700,
  jdow <[email protected]> wrote:
> From: "Ric Moore" <[email protected]>
> Of course, some computers (Dell's apparently) are now hard wired so that
> on power up from a power loss they restore to the condition they were
> in before the power went away. If you want automatic restart on power
> restore.... This becomes a REAL RTFMM situation. (Multiple Manuals)
> Then you get to figure out how to implement what you want. It has been
> known to make grown men cry.

You also have to worry about what happens if power comes back on after you
tell the UPS to shutdown, but before it actually does. If this happens you
still need to have the power cut for a period after the OS has shutdown or
your pc won't start back up. My old Belkin UPS has this problem (at least
with the free reverese engineered dirvers). My MGE UPS does things correctly.

For the Dell machines there should be a BIOS setting change to fix that for
machines you leave on all of the time. (For machines you turn on just when
you are using them, you probably want the machine to stay off after power
comes back up until you manually turn it back on.)

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