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David Fletcher wrote:
> At 09:33 24/08/2006, you wrote:
>>I was having same problems with Fedora Core 5 ( FC 5 ) with SELinux 
>>disabled and found this link helpful:
>>It seems that the kernel needs a patch for the truecrypt module.

Not a patch really, just a missing header file.

> Being an intrinsically suspicious and untrusting of strangers type,
> which is probably true of anybody interested in using truecrypt, how
> do we know that the above is kosher? I mean, for all I know it could
> be sponsored by the FBI and contain a special patch. Or am I being
> paranoid?

No, you're not being paranoid, your enemies might be real. :)

But that's what source code and gpg signatures are for.  You don't
have to take it on faith that there aren't any evil patches.  You can
grab the SRPM[1] from that site and verify that the source code
included is what came from Truecrypt's website.  The detached
signature for the source code tarball is available on[2].

You'll also want to check out the dm.h header that's in the SRPM to
ensure that it matches what comes from the fedora kernel source.

Then you can build your own rpm. :)

> If enough people are interested, would the Fedora team be prepared
> to add truecrypt to Extras?

If you're being paranoid, how do you really know that what comes from
Fedora Extras would be kosher?


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