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I just set up fc5 fileserver for windows network the other day and yes
turn off SELINUX unless you know how to set up SELINUX correctly.  If
you do let me know how. I don't use plane text password.  The default
setup for both samba and windows is for encrypted passwords.  Why
introduce more problems and less security?

I also use webmin to configure samba.  It makes life easy.

Remember to check the logs.  The probem is usually in there.  If it
says audit ....... then it is a SELINUX issue.


On 8/24/06, Lee <[email protected]> wrote:
I've had success in connecting my Windows XP machine to samba on both
Red Hat 7.1 and Fedora Core 4, but no joy when it comes to Fedora Core 5.

I have my Windoz machine set for clear password, and same for the fedora
machines, but just can't seem to get them to communicate.  Is this some
new "feature" in Core 5 or am I missing something here?


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