Bug in Graphical Network Configuration???

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It may or may not be a bug but I faced this problem:

I relied on graphical network configurtion tool in my FC5 and it threw
me out few times. Previously the line containing " localhost"
was entirely wiped out from the /etc/hosts file after I used the
graphical tool to set my host and assigned static IP, which made my pc
to take forever when booting. Post containing this problem is

After that I used the /etc/hosts and changed the settings and changed
my hostname from previous already.

Now my ISP's DNS was down and today they gave me a new DNS address.
This time I used again the  graphical tool to set the new DNS address.
Reactivated the network card. What happened was my hostname was
changed from current name to previous one without my knowledge. I
didn't notice the problem till all other windows machines were unable
to reach the webpage hosted on it.

I had to reedit the /etc/hosts file to change my hostname and
reactivate the network card to fix the problem.

This made me think that "system-config-network" doesn't rely on the
/etc/hosts files. It must have its own backup file which get rewritten
in /etc/hosts file after some modification
it must have a bug that it doesn't consider what is already there in
the /etc/hosts file before rewriting the modified settings.

and most importantly my surprise is:
where did it restore my old hostname from while I had changed it sometime ago?

Can somebody confirm this or reproduce this error???


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