Re: How to install Windows Codecs in firefox for MPLAYER

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On Tue, 2006-08-22 at 10:40 +0100, Andy Green wrote:
> ''...Raymond warned that Linux risks getting locked out of new
> hardware platforms for the next 30 years unless it proves it can work
> with iPods, MP3s and WMP. ...''

I see statements like that quite often, and it irritates the hell out of
me.  It, bloody well, *can* do most of the tasks that some fool says it
cannot do.  Technically, there's no reason why not, in most instances.
The problem is that someone else deliberately denies the opportunity.
Sometimes it's anti-open-source reasons (licensing, fruitlessly trying
to keep something secret, etc.), and sometimes it deliberate lock-out
(one of the big companies says you must only allow it to work with our

And as far as MP3s, and Windows media goes, that's another thing that
irritates me.  I grew up with vinyl records, you could play them on
anything.  Later came cassettes, they worked on everything.  The same
with CDs.  Not just that one player could play them the same as another,
you weren't prevented from doing so.  Now we've got this backward step
to a crappy audio format (quality-wise, at least), that's only allowed
to work on some things.  Only a few have even heard of unencumbered
schemes, and ones that often are better (sound-wise, as well as for
other reasons), like ogg.

(Currently running FC4, occasionally trying FC5.)

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