Re: How to restart alsa?

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At 9:45 PM +0200 8/22/06, Nigel Henry wrote:
>On Tuesday 22 August 2006 19:16, Tony Nelson wrote:
>> Fedora appears to use ainit to start alsa (man 8 ainit, via "apropos
>> alsa").
>Hi Tony. This thread was running a while back, and I think you mentioned
>"ainit" then.  I tried it on FC5, (Not the one with planetccrma on it).  I
>had some music playing using Mhwaveedit, which uses Alsa, and did an
>"ainit stop" which returned me to the prompt, indicating it had stopped, but
>the music was still playing.
>The man page for ainit indicates that it's to do with dmix, and dnoop, and
>admittadly both used by Alsa.
>Have YOU managed to stop Alsa using ainit?


"ainit tonyn stop" removes the lock files when I run it as root, and
doesn't remove them when run as tonyn, but I can still play sounds after
running it either way.

>I don't if you've used the planetccrma stuff, which puts the alsasound
>shellscript in /etc/rc.d/init.d, but this is what I get on FC2 for a stop,
>and then start of Alsa using it (no music playing)

I have not used PlanetCCRMA kernels.  They appear to do it differently from
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