Re: A basic 'newbie' question

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On Sunday 20 August 2006 4:59 pm, Keith Powell wrote:
> I tried Fedora5 some time ago, soon after it first came out. But
> didn't stick with it long enough to get to know it! I'd like to try
> Fedora again, but I see that version6 will be out in October.
> Will Fedora6 be just 'Fedora5 with all the upgrades', or will there
> be fundamental differencies? I'm wondering whether to buy the
> version5 DVD now, or wait a couple of months and get the version6
> DVD.

I hope you will excuse this 'composite' posting rather than several 
individual ones, clogging up the list.

Thank you all for your friendly and informative replies. I really do 
appreciate them. 

As there will be several major differences between FC5 and FC6, I will 
definitely get FC6. However I will wait a few weeks for the first 
batch of upgrades/fixes to come out before I install it. It's a good 
point that a newcomer to a distro should not plunge in immediately it 
is issued!

In the meantime, I have not yet decided whether to get FC5 to use as 
an 'Introduction to Fedora' or to wait. I'm still thinking about it. 

Owing to my broadband limitations, both versions will have to be 

Again, very many thanks for your replies and I am looking forward to 
getting to know Fedora Core.



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