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Kostas Sfakiotakis wrote:
Greetings Robin,

Robin Laing wrote:

Ron Siven wrote:

On Tuesday 15 August 2006 08:05, Robin Laing wrote:

< snip >

Whatever happened to Kuickview? It's a simple image viewer that allows navigation from image to image within a folder with the page up/down keys, easy rotation capabilities, etc. I would compare it to the Windows image and fax viewer. I used to use it to quickly run through and rotate the pictures from my camera before printing or posting them to my website. Suddenly, it disappeared from both of my systems (FC4 & FC5) after a recent update.

I don't know.  Never used it myself.

I know that GQview can rotate jpg's and print images. For a large number of pictures I use imagemagick.

Do you mean this little fellow :

 It will overwrite your original

image by default but that can be changed in the preferences.

Infact, you can add features and calls to other programs within the preferences.

Sounds something worth checking .


Yes.  You can actually yum install it.

yum install ImageMagick

I would expect that it may be on your system already.

Home page with documentation.


Robin Laing

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