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On Wed, Aug 02, 2006 at 02:00:38PM -0500, Arun Binaykia wrote:
> Does FC4 have sata compatibility?


> I am unable to load FC4 on ASUS A8V-MX with sata 80G drives. I dont have
> bandwidth to download FC5. Till I get hold of it I only have FC4. Found
> out that the sata is not supported by any flavor of linux.

SATA is very well supported. However, support for the VIA VT8251 SATA
chipset used on this motherboard is very recent -- in fact, more recent than
FC5. In fact, more recent than the latest stable kernel (2.6.17). You hafta
look in 2.7.18-rc3. (It's commit bf2af2a2027e52b653882fbca840620e896ae081.)

This will be the kernel you can find in FC6 Test 2 next week.

You could also patch the module and build a driver disk for FC4 or FC5. I'm
not sure this is worth it, though -- right now, there's something like 2.2GB
of FC4 updates, so a new install of FC4 + updates may actually take _more_
bandwidth than just starting new with FC6t2.

> What are the places to look for checking hardware compatibility with
> linux before purchasing any hardware?

It's always such a pain -- there's been a lot of efforts at making various
databases of compatibility, but they always fall short. Too much hardware,
too much rapid change. I like to buy from a vendor who will offer Linux
preinstalled, even if it's not the version I plan on running.

In this particular case, I found the answer above in about 15 seconds of

Matthew Miller           [email protected]          <>
Boston University Linux      ------>              <>

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