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Having got the voicemail sorted, I have now moved on to faxes.

I am using mgetty to answer the phone and receive the faxes and that part is
working just dandy.

However, I want to run a custom script after each call to process the fax,
convert it and email it and so on.

The documentation that I found  at states:

If you define FAX_NOTIFY_PROGRAM in `policy.h', mgetty will call this program
(or shell script) when a fax has been completely received 

However, there is no corresponding entry in the mgetty.config keyword list.

So, is there a default fax_notify_program name?  Or can I specify one in
mgetty.config somehow?  Or am I going to have to recompile mgetty from scratch
and define it in policy.h, which I would really prefer not to do.

MELVILLE THEATRE ~ Melville Sask ~

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