Re: how to sort mem process using ps command

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On 7/14/06, Roberto Ragusa <[email protected]> wrote:
Kaushal Shriyan wrote:

> I didnot hear from you on my query for
>> using this command "ps ww -e --sort -rss o
>> pid,pmem,command,rss,size,vsz|head -20"
>> I want to check which user is hogging more memory

I don't know if

 ps ww -e --sort -rss o user,pid,pmem,command,rss,size,vsz|head -20

is enough for you.
It will show the processes hogging more memory and the user they
belong to.

Maybe you want something different: the sum of all the processes
belonging to one user. In that case I think a little script is needed.
Here is my ugly attempt:

 ps ww -e --sort -rss o user=,rss=,pid=,pmem=,command=,size=,vsz=\
 |(sort; echo)\
 |gawk '{if ( lastuser == $1 ) {tot=tot+$2} \
  else {printf "%9i %s\n",tot,lastuser; tot=$2}; lastuser=$1 }'|\
 sort -nr

Best regards.
  Roberto Ragusa    mail at

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Thanks Robert
You added user in the command it worked

ps ww -e --sort -rss o user,pid,pmem,command,rss,size,vsz|head -20

Thanks :))

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