Re: how to sort mem process using ps command

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On 7/13/06, Roberto Ragusa <[email protected]> wrote:
Kaushal Shriyan wrote:
> On 7/13/06, Roberto Ragusa <[email protected]
>> I'm using this to detect memory consumers:
>>  ps ww -e k -rss o pid,pmem,command,rss,size,vsz|head -20
>> It could be useful as a starting point.
> Hi Roberto
> [[email protected] root]# ps ww -e k -rss o pid,pmem,command,rss,size,vsz|head -20
> ps: error: Obsolete k option not supported.
> usage: ps -[Unix98 options]
>        ps [BSD-style options]
>        ps --[GNU-style long options]
>        ps --help for a command summary
> [[email protected] root]#

It works here on FC5 and it is documented in the man page.

$ rpm -qf `which ps`

What about

ps ww -e --sort -rss o pid,pmem,command,rss,size,vsz|head -20


Best regards.

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Thanks Robert
This #ps ww -e --sort -rss o pid,pmem,command,rss,size,vsz|head -20 worked for me
Thanks Again

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