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bruce wrote....when speaking to someone else.....

> you talk as a die hard guy who's drinking the koolaid... i already
> said linux was/is great for some things.. however, it's not good for
> the desktop at this time...

You may want to consider the "IMHO" preface.  Linux *is* my desktop
system and it does what *I* need it to do.  Are there areas that need
improvement?  Yes, and that will always be the case for any OS.  So, I
have no doubt that for some MS makes more sense.

About the only thing I use my MS system for is to scan documents and
convert them to PDF.  Either I don't do that often enough to figure a
once step process on Linux or I'm too lazy.

> you can argue about linux being great.. but that the apps to run it
> aren't.. that's a specious argument, but the bottom line is that i
> still wouldn't put the desktop apps on linux and hand it to my
> mother!!

Sometimes I think it is too bad I live in Taiwan and my parents live in
the US.  Otherwise I would have turned them on to Linux quite some time
ago.  It would have avoided a recent occurrence where my mom's MS OS got
so hosed and their frustration level got so high that their solution was
to go out and buy her another PC.

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