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On Wednesday 12 July 2006 01:24, Jim Lowman wrote:
> Am I being ignored because the answer is out there
> somewhere in the archives and no one wants to give
> RTFM as an answer?  I have invested in quite a
> of technical books on Linux and FC5, BTW. as well as
> considerable Googling.
As we tell the children, if you want help, it's as
well to say 'please'!  
There are a lot of people here who will gladly help
you - if you have a good 
attitude - but it is a community, where help is freely
given by community 
members.  No-one *has* to answer you.

I realize that no one *has* to answer me.  In fact,
several others have posted *helpful* replies.  I
didn't feel that my question was worded in a negative
way, but one never knows how one's written
communication will be received.  And "please" is
implied in a courteously-worded request.

The most obvious reason that your question was ignored
was because you didn't 
bother to say which card you were talking about.  Why
should we know what 
card your Dell uses?  You must be prepared to give
some useful information as 
a starter.

This is partly my fault, as I replied in a thread that
was different than the one where I asked the question.
 In that thread, I stated that I am looking for a
Linux-compatible wireless card for a Dell 8500 laptop
that has FC5 installed.  I also stated that I realized
that the wireless card currently installed was not

Why don't you simply start a new thread, mentioning
the card model, and 
listing the things you have tried?  Telling us how
many hours you have spent 
doesn't help at all.

The number of hours is relevant, only to indicate that
I have done some research.



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