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On Wed, Jul 12, 2006 at 01:03:33PM -0600, Reg Clemens wrote:
> > > stopped working.  Now it starts running and immediately shows 'Killed'.
> > > The very first line in the program is a fprintf(stderr, ...) and this message
> > > does not get printed.
> > > And for reasons I dont understand, Linux is not dropping a core file.
> > What does "ulimit -c" tell you?
> Well, I dont seem to have 'ulimit' and 'limit' complains about the -c argument

It's a shell built-in -- I think "limit coredumpsize" is the csh equivalent.
And when you get back "coredumpsize 0 kbytes", which you probably will, as
it is the default, run "limit coredumpsize unlimited".

> > Have you tried running it under gdb directly?
> Yes, but couldnt remember how to give the executing program an argument.
> Hummm, guess I could just build it in.
> Ill try that.

"set args". Or yeah, just hardcode it.

Matthew Miller           [email protected]          <>
Boston University Linux      ------>              <>

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