Re: Exchange Connector / Evolution 2.6.2 Problem in FC5[Scanned]

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The exchange connector is broken at 2.6.2. At 2.6.1 is is only marginally better. I have had my digital ear to the ground but have not heard any rumors that is going to be fixed any time soon. If history repeats itself it will be fixed without announcement and the fix will only partially correct the problem. I am not sure why this is so hard to get working. It must just be hard to do.
I used Evo for over two years trying to tough it out because I really
wanted it to work. I have finally given up. If you can live without the
calendar (which causes Evo to crash anyway) Thunderbird using IMAP to
connect to exchange for mail and LDAP for the global address book works
absolutely flawlessly.
Chris Bradford wrote:
Hex Star wrote:
perhaps this rpm satisifes the grk2 2.9.1 you're looking for: <> (from
I also found this: from
...hope I helped! :-)
On 6/29/06, *Andreas Wahlert* <[email protected]
<mailto:[email protected]>> wrote:
    Hi list,

    i have an -out of the box- and totaly patched FC5 installation.
    The installation is clean and fresh.

    There is only one Problem. Evolution 2.6 crashes randomly. I have
    googled for this but i have no solution found.
    There is a dirty hack with gtk2 libs. But this don't works for me. i
    can't find the described gtk2 (2.9.1) version

    Is this already fixed?? Or is this a Bug (there is an bugzilla

    friendly regards from germany


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Can you tell me whether this solved the crashing issues or not?

Many thanks,


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