Re: Where can I find this firmware file?

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Patrick <[email protected]xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I'm aware of the new bcm43xx module/driver and I have tried to make it
work. The problem I'm having is more with wpa_supplicant and
NetworkManager than the kernel module although the kernel module could
use some improvements. Afaik the folks working on it are making great
progress so I guess a little patience is the name of the game.

Can you describe in more detail what you're running into (e.g., dmesg output)? Unfortunately, I probably don't have a solution but I'm running into a problem with bcm43xx timing out when it tries to authenticate to my WAP and then it complains when the authentication arrives after the timeout and it isn't expected. I need to fire up my laptop, grab the latest kernel and confirm that this behavior hasn't changes but this is what I saw with the 2139 kernel.

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