Re: NATed computer can't access certain websites

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Chris Linton-Ford wrote:
> Hi Roberto,
> Changing the MTU size didn't help, but disabling tcp_window_scaling did
> the trick. Having looked around various groups, it sounds like this is a
> problem with the 2.6.17-1.2139 kernel; is it a better idea for me to
> permanently disable window scaling on our machines or wait until a fix
> comes out for the kernel? Is window scaling a Good Thing?

I think the fix is needed on your OpenBSD firewall, according to this:

David Miller: "Window scaling has been standardized and around for 14
years, RFC1323 was published in May of 1992. How much longer can we wait
or it to be deployed properly? :-)"

Window scaling is a good thing, because it improves speed on fast
connections to distant sites; the problem is that if an intermediate
node is buggy there are problems.
The same thing happened for ECN.

Best regards.
   Roberto Ragusa    mail at

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