Re: How is local mail delivery accomplished using postfix?

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[email protected] wrote:
> What I want to happen is to use postfix and spamassassin to que up
> the email to either accessed locally or by imap by the remote son or
> daughters. What I'm not finding out (google & RH docs etc) is how
> postfix hands off email for delivery to local spool, such that
> spamassassin can get it's paws on the message.

You can do this with just a few edits.  In /etc/postfix/,
specify the path to procmail for $mailbox_command:

mailbox_command = /usr/bin/procmail

Create /etc/procmailrc and include the spamassassin-spamc.rc file:


There are issues with procmail and SELinux, which don't appear to be
fixed with the latest selinux policy I have installed (2.2.40-1.fc5),
so you may need to disable that or work out the proper policy changes
until the official selinux policy gets updated.

(See the fedora-selinux-list archives for some details.  Paul Howarth
brought this up and pointed me toward it, so he may well be able to
offer some specific tips in this area.)

As with most things, there are other ways to do this and plenty of
ways you could tweak things further.  The postfix, procmail, and
spamassassin manuals will be of help, as will google.  FWIW though, I
just made the changes I outlined and tested them, so I know that they
do at least work.  YMMV.

After that, you can setup your email clients to do whatever they want
with mail that's marked as spam by spamassassin.  Setting up a method
to train the Bayesian filters is something I'd highly recommend.

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