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Peter Gordon wrote:
Thomas Cameron wrote:
School is about learning to think, not silos of knowledge. I am appalled that no one ever taught you that.
Quoted for truth!

Hear hear! Here I sit, 71 years old, with (officially) an 8th grade education. But I wanted to learn about electronics by the time I was 7 or so, and the rest is history. My fingerprints were in the cameras that were on the Trieste when it went down in the mohole way back then, my fingerprints were on some of the parts that went into the bird (or one just like it) that put John Glenn up the first time, at least until they were washed clean. I got into tv braodcasting about 42 years back, and I've coasted along as the CE at several tv stations over the last 30 years, the last 22 of them at the same station, where in a couple of them I was the only engineer including the first 10 years at the same station where I can't seem to get fully retired from. What schooling I got taught me 1: how to read well and actually learn, and 2: that it was always fun to learn something new, and 65 years later it still is. Those who don't learn that, haven't learned ANYTHING!
Cheers, Gene

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