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Lonni J Friedman wrote:
Old habits die hard, and my wife insists on using Mozilla even though
firefox is installed.

Unfortunately, her mozilla, when left running for a few days, starts
to bring the system to its knees.  Simply moving the mouse cursor
anywhere causes cpu usage to spike, window redraw takes seconds,
occasionally the mouse will even freeze in place for a second at a
time.  Its just horrible. What makes no sense to me is that looking at
the mozilla-bin process, its not using that much memory (no more than
firefox), and if the system is left 'idle', CPU usage isn't even high.
As soon as mozilla is killed, performance immediately returns to

I thought it might be extensions, however she's only using adblock,
and its the same version of adblock as i use in firefox (which doesn't
exhibit this problem).  This is FC4-x86, fully up to date via yum.

Anyone else seen this problem, or have any troubleshooting ideas?

L. Friedman                                    [email protected]

Memory leak issues are known but not being fixed fast enough it seems.

I came across this but I don't know if it works with Mozilla or seamonkey.

Leak Monitor Extension

At least this would help improve Mozilla development.
Robin Laing

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