Re: Can anyone explain the use of init3

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"Chris Linton-Ford" <[email protected]> writes:

> When I try to drop from runlevel 5 to 3 in FC5 by doing a 'sudo init 3', the
> X server quits but the init process gets stuck after the following:
> INIT: Switching to runlevel: 3
> INIT: Sending all processes the TERM signal
> Starting readahead_early: Starting background readahead:	[ OK ]
> [ OK ]
> Starting irqbalance:							[ OK
> ]
> Is there any way to drop to runlevel 3 without rebooting?

After running init 3, try changing your virtual terminal, using CTRL-ALT-X,
where you substitute X with one of the F-keys in the F1-F6 range,
e.g. CTRL-ALT-F1.


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