Re: Some wireless questions.

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Timothy Murphy wrote:

[email protected] wrote:

2. The answer to the first question relates to this question. When I am
in my office there is a gaggle of access points available to me from my
office. In the  2200 GUI in Windows I see them all and can pick one to
connect to.

In system-config-network I can't see these various points and the one it
homes in on , does not do DHCP and no one claims it. In other words, it
does not correspond to any access point known to people in the
building that I can find.

How can I get a behavior more like the Windows GUI?

3, At Trinity in order  to connect to our University-wide access point
we need to use LEAP protocol, and enter our Windows username and
passwd. This works easily from Windows on my laptop. How do I pull
this off in FC4?
I think NetworkManager (NM), which is part of the Fedora distribution,
is meant to do more or less what you ask.

Unfortunately I have been unable to get it to work with my Orinoco Gold card
but you may well be more fortunate.
If you can get your card to work with network, NetworkManager will work fine, as it uses the same settings as a base.

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