Info about fedora and dell inspiron 630m

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Sorry I left some mistakes on the last messages, please don't read it.
This is the correct version of the message.
I trid to install fedora core 3 n my notebook inspiron 630m but it doesn't work correctly.
When the system asks login the keyboard doesn't write in random way.
one time it writes and onother time it doesn't write.
How can I solve this problem?
I would try to update the kernel but It's really difficult because the system doesn't work correctly as I said.
Can I try to install fedora core 4? which version of kernel has it got?
Other tow question, does it available fedora core 5?
Because I saw some messages about it on the mailing list but I didn't see anything about it on the website?
At the end, what is the last versione available for the kernel for fedora that I can install with yum?
Thanks in advance for all information.
Best regards.
S. Cesaretti

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