Re: lvm2 & moving hd & fc4

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I think you'd first:

# pvmove /dev/target_ide_disk ( ex. hdb)

# vgreduce target_VG_name /dev/target_ide_disk

Halt the host, reconnect the physical ide_disk to the another ide channel.(ex. hdd)

# vgextend target_VG_name /dev/hdd (the ide device name after reconnected)

# vgdisplay -C target_VG_name

;-p LU

On Wed, 1 Mar 2006 16:43:48 -0800
"Monkey Pet" <[email protected]> wrote:

 > I have fc4 and moved my hd from one ide chain to another.  However, when I did so, the lvm2 volumes weren't being mapped properly.  After a second reboot, things mapped fine.  Anyone know how I can force lvm2 to rescan (without rebooting) in this situation?  Thanks.

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