Re: crazy question (want to locate a particular function from all object files)

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Globe Trotter wrote:

Is there a way to list all object files on my machine, and then to locate all
matches to a particular function?

Many thanks and best wishes!
define "object files." Most people mean the output of an assembler (or
compiler), but I'm not sure that's what you mean.
Such files generally have names ending in ".o"

I suggest you write a little script like this:

echo $1
nm $1

Shall we call it "listem" and store it in ~/bin/

Don't forget "chmod +x ~/bin/listem"

find <where you expect them> -type f -name \*.o \
	-exec ~/bin/listem {} \; \

If you mean "shared object" then the suffix is .so, and there might be some .a files of interest.



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