Re: Can't get system to boot or mkbootdisk

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On 3/1/06, Jim Patterson <[email protected]> wrote:
> am using
> DFI K8T800 IP0-ALF motherboard
> Award BIOS v 6.00 PG
> with ST340014A
> After installing linux it just hang like it can't see the hard drive.
> Went into the BIOS and tried adjusted boot order from  CDROM  2nd HD0
> changed to 1st HD0 then HD1 and it still hangs.
> Went into linux rescue and reinstalled grub to hd(0,0).  Boot is on
> /dev/hda1.
> Still hangs.
> Tried to reinstall again and still no luck.
> I am now trying to make a bootdisk and must not be doing this correctly.
> I use a rescue disk and chroot /mnt/sysimage
> nfs mount another system and then go to that partition and try to run
> mkbootdisk --iso
> but it seems that whatever parameters that I put in don't work.
> I am trying to create an iso image that would boot my system since it
> seems to refuse to boot from HD.   I have done this before in day of old
> with floppies and just left the floppy in there and whenever the system
> rebooted it worked fine.
> If you have an idea of why it may not be booting using the HD, I'd be
> interested in that also.

Please provide additional hard drive info, i.e. master/slave/cs,
shares cable with CD-ROM, partitioning, etc.

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