Re: .xsession with gdm

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This is a known issue with Gdm, and we're thinking about a solution
to it in or later...


William Yardley wrote:

So I enabled GDM, rather than logging in from console (I'm using
Windowmaker as my window manager, and I'm not using the Gnome stuff at

I had this in my .xinitrc and .xsession:

xset b off
xmodmap -e 'keycode 115 = Multi_key'
xscreensaver &
exec /usr/bin/wmaker

however gdm doesn't seem to follow this (I did manage to switch the
session to use windowmaker, but the screensaver doesn't seem to get
started, and remapping the windows key to multi_key doesn't seem to be
working anymore).

Any ideas? Should I just switch to xdm?


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