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Les Mikesell wrote:

And more to the point, where third-party RPMs fit into
the picture.  In RedHat-land they are almost always made
to fit into the vendor-provided scheme, clobbering system
files if there is a conflict.  Sometimes that's what you
Never clobbering vendor-provided files unless, you the system
administrator, make them do so.

I'm not sure I understand.  How do you install updated or
modified libraries from a third-party yum repository without
clobbering the system files?
If you install a third-party glibc designed to update your Fedora or RH
system, that's one thing. Think the legacy project for RHL 7.3 and FC < FC2.
If you install wottawidget and it includes (eg) /usr/bin/ldd then rpm
will not do it unless you (the sysadmin) apply a little force*
And it's perfectly possible to make relocatable rpms that will install almost anywhere.

Where do you find them?

Anywhere the packager distributes them.

Read the rpm documentation.

It's possible for wottawidget to obsolete glibc, but I'd regard that as a malicious act, little different from including Evil Acts in the rpm scripts where they will be run as root.


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