Re: USB mouse issues with switch + FC3

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At 4:50 PM -0700 12/12/05, Philip Prindeville wrote:
>I'm seeing the following problem: when I depress and then release the
>mouse left-button and then move the mouse without waiting, X applications
>sometimes get confused and believes that something is being dragged (i.e.
>that the movement started before the button-up event, not after it).
>I have an EPIA SP-13000 and also an MSI K8MM-V, both connected
>through an IOGEAR 1734 switch to a Dell 2005FPW monitor (which
>has a built-in USB hub), and eventually to a Logitech Wireless Comfort
>Though I also had the same problem before when using just a Logitech
>Mouseman USB...
>I'm running FC3 updated, but with the RC2 release of Xorg (though I
>saw this previously with the canned release of 6.8.2 as well).
>This causes a lot of hassle, since things get dragged around that shouldn't
>be...  I'll wager it's a simple fix to my xorg.conf file, but I can't
>figure out
>what it is.
>I googled for a posting about a similar problem, but didn't find any
>Does this ring any bells with anyone?

Well, I have a slightly similar issue in FC3 which /could/ be the same
thing.  When I click and drag in a subment of the Application menu,
sometimes it decides that I'm /really/ dragging and starts a real drag.  I
have to let go and start over.  I suppose I could learn to click, move, and
click again and avoid the issue.  So there seems to be something wonky in
the drag-detect code.
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